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Churchill Boy's High School

Harare, Zimbabwe
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At one time, the school’s pipe band was in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest piping hours. Pipers Neville Workman, Patrick Forth, Paul Harris and Clive Higgins blew their pipes for a combined 100 hours in July 1976, breaking the previous record of 80 hours.

Founded in 1950 as Salisbury East Boys’ High School, headmaster E.J. ‘Jeeves’ Hougaard helped inspire most of Churchill’s traditions. Hougaard is credited with establishing the name of the school and its affiliation to Winston Churchill and his family, and the school mascot, the bulldog. Two boarding Houses which had about 180 pupils, were named Winston and Spencer House. The games houses (Akroyd, Beaumont, Cardell, Hamilton, Maxwell and Wakeham) recall pilots who died in the Battle of Britain.

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Address Harare, Zimbabwe
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