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Rusununguko Secondary School

Munyanyi, Zimbabwe
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During the construction of this school secondary students were accommodated under trees at Ndawora primary school which is on the side of the river Mutorahuku which divides these two schools.

During the black empowerment efforts and education for all which were initiated by President Robert Mugabe, Rusununguko became a High school with the first A level stream starting in 2004. In the same the President donated 10 computers which saw the school using computers for the first time since its establishment. A great performance was produced by the students on that stream as the were 4 students who scored 10 points which was not expected as they started A level without enough teachers and study material. During the 90s Rusununguko secondary was rated one of the best day schools in Shurugwi district with a third award which they scooped in 1999 for best O level performance. Since the establishment of A level the pass rate was over 75% with a highest record of 14 points recorded in 2007 with Alfred Shumba one of the former students and a minimum of 0 points recorded on several occasions. Now Rusununguko is accommodating students who come from the surrounding communities and school for both A level and O level.It is rated higher than the surrounding schools at O level even though its pass rate is very poor,average 10% but the performance is quite good for A level.

The school offers commercial and arts subjects at A level and O level and its likely that in coming 5 or more years it may start offering sciences.

distance: Unknown
Address Munyanyi, Zimbabwe