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Sakubva High School

Mutare, Zimbabwe
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Formerly Sakubva Secondary School but now called Sakubva High School (alias Dangwe), it is also referred to as Sakubva 1 High School. It is the oldest secondary school in Sakubva township. It produced a number of prominent students from the township. Students typically walk to school, in some instances students walk long distances to school.

Students entering Form I, usually aged 12?13, compete for places at the school based on their Grade 7 examination results, as well as school-based interviews and placement tests. The school consists of three levels: ZJC (Zimbabwe Junior Certificate) which includes Forms I and II; “O” level which includes Forms III and IV; and “A” level which includes Forms V and VI. The ZJC Core Curriculum consists of 8 subjects: English, Shona or Ndebele, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Bible Knowledge, and a Practical Subject (ie Food and Nutrition, Fashion and Fabrics, Woodwork, Agriculture, Metalwork, Technical Drawing, etc.) Zimbabwe phased out the ZJC examinations in 2001, but has maintained the same curricular framework for general Form 1 and 2 education and plan to renew this set of examinations at the end of Form 2 education in 2006.

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Address Mutare, Zimbabwe