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Hellenic Community Group of Schools

Welcome to the Hellenic Community Group of Schools. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be the Headmistress of these fine schools which are set centrally in Harare in beautiful surroundings. A charact

Cranborne Boys' High School


Highfield Secondary School


St. John's High School

St Johns High School is a Catholic-run establishment located in the suburban area of Emerald Hill in Harare, Zimbabwe. It provides junior and senior level high school education to children from Harare

Twin Rivers Primary School

Twin Rivers Primary School is a co-educational private school in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is situated in the Avondale area behind the ‘Reps Theatre’. Mrs Blanche Davie is the headmistress and

Mabvuku High School

Mabvuku High School, is a high school in the Mabvuku suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Morgan High School

Morgan High School is a state high school in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mazowe Boys High School

Mazowe Boys High School is a boarding school located 17 kilometres from the Westgate Mall along Old Mazowe road, Harare, Zimbabwe. For more than a decade, Mazowe Boys High has been the National Champi

Girls High School

Girls High School Harare, commonly referred to as “GHSH”, was the first public school for girls founded in 1898 in the then city of Salisbury, Rhodesia, which is now Harare, Zimbabwe.

Emerald Hill School

Emerald Hill is the name of a school and home for deaf children located in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was established in 1914 by Dominican sisters.